A beatiful town located on the coast of Neretva rivier.

Situated on the river of Neretva, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is a town formed with influence of three religions present there.

The diversity of style

Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox. The diversity of style, traditions, cuisine and buildings is a spectacular introduction about Bosnia today or former Yugoslavia yesterday.

Just an introduction as the ending needs to be different and somehow better compared to the cruel war of former Yugoslavia. The streets of Mostar are still a living evidence that it is necessary to live together, and there is no other city in the world (or at least Europe) that is showing how peace is necessary not just for future but for present. Going there and having Chevapchichi (form of traditionally prepared grilled minced meat) really makes you celebrate life. Make a thank you to the Bosnian cuisine because of this meal prepared like 400 years ago when Turkish soldiers presented it to locals.

Old Town Mostar

Many of the restaurants are just around the famous Old Bridge, another site protected by the UNESCO. The Old Town around the bridge is just like 400 years ago, you can almost feel the real east there, people going through narrow streets, looking what to buy, the smell of grilled meat and food always makes you hungry. Still, Mostar is not the only place famous in this part of Herzegovina, just near the city is a pilgrimage called Medjugorje, where millions of people visit sacral places on the hills there.

Spiritual meaning

This place is a true ambient of love and peace from the Catholic believers, a place where people with different religions get together and truly understand each other. The spiritual meaning of Medjugorje and Mostar is a delightful introduction about the people living here. Generally, it is another experience possible from Dubrovnik in just one day, as it is just a two hour drive away. Most of the comments about Mostar from our guests are: so close, so different, so beautiful. We couldn’t agree more with them.