Spend a day visiting the hometown of Marco Polo.

The Republic of Dubrovnik, a state that lasted from 1358 to 1808. had high levels of democracy, today known as one of the first to stop trade with slaves in 1416.

Venice biggest competitor

Its port was an important factor of success in those days and Venice was its biggest competitor. Venice wanted a port in the area of southern Adriatic and Korcula was perfect for their plans, close to Dubrovnik, on the south, it was one of the most strategic places for Venetians. History of Korcula is closely connected to Venetian history as the island was under Venice from 1420 to 1797. Marco Polo, the famous explorer that went several times to Asia was born in Korcula but did his adventures for Venetian sponsors.

The architecture and symbols of Venice are visible everywhere, beautiful architecture and atmosphere similar to Italian coastal cities make this island a real pearl of the Adriatic. Except the famous history the island is rich with wine cellars and olive factories. On Korcula they make best olive oil, possible to buy from locals, best white wine called Poship grows there so it is worth visiting local wine cellars in Smokvica. Diversity of this island with many little places and traditions is also present today as many guests choose enjoying the sandy beach of Lumbarda or Proizd, voted the beach with cleanest sea on the Adriatic, located on west side of the island, close to the geographical center of Adriatic sea.

Last few years many new slow food restaurants opened on the island offering food prepared in traditional ways. So many options of the island can be explored during a full day excursion, specially selected, with highlights either on history or nature.