Take a day and visit the famous National Park of Island Mljet.

If you ask anybody in Dubrovnik to name the most beautiful island on the Adriatic, most of the answers will simply be – Mljet.

Biggest islands and sandy beaches

This is one of the biggest islands here as well, with many little villages, ports and beaches (the most popular is a sandy beach called Saplunara). The most famous sight there is definitely the National Park Mljet that presents and protects the area of the islands northern part. It is practically unspoiled natural beauty found in the flora and fauna of the two lakes formed there, having another island inside the lakes. Island with lakes is a myth itself but an island with lakes with their island is natural wonder, today carefully protected, with crystal clear water, excursions and trips ecologically done, on bicycles, on foot or with electric boats.

National Park Mljet

The trip to the National Park Mljet is a real adventure suited for all ages, not to mention there are wonderful fish restaurants there as well. In general this island is the best habitat for fish as well, some good sized fish and lobsters are caught there around the island in its deep sea. Most of exclusive sea food in Dubrovnik comes from Mljet, it is a fisherman’s paradise. Other activities there are mainly related to sailing and diving. Diving locations are well preserved and very popular as the island was en route of many ships sailing along the Adriatic sea.

Though all of the Adriatic is clean and nice, Mljet has a special place, the best proof is the sandy beach Saplunara, a real hidden gem, today there are some new buildings being done there so our best choice is to visit it as soon as possible as it is not protected as the National Park.